An introduction

Hi and thanks for reading my blog, my name is Stuart Doyle im 28 years old and live in Edinburgh. I’m guessing most people reading this will know me through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and some of you might be an actual friend or colleague who knows. But if you haven’t had the pleasure let me tell you a bit about myself.

I love travel, keeping fit and taking part in sports and outdoor activities. I currently play football for Edinburgh Southern (@ESAFC2007) yeah we won the league last season get over it!! Over the last year or so with my great friend Chris Strother I was preparing for and completing a 3000 mile independent european cycle from the Parthenon in Athens back home to the replica of the greek Parthenon on calton hill in Edinburgh.

Our website has (almost) all the details

The reason it has almost all the details is well…im a wee bit lazy BUT its more the fact I have only been back a few weeks and been quite busy settling back into life as I knew it. In the next few weeks it will be fully updated with all the blogs, pics and video blogs from a memorable 2 months cycling.

Your probably thinking cycling is my main interest/strength in a sporting context and to an extent you would be right, now it is but when the original idea was born I had last cycled when I was about 12 years old and did not own a bike helmet let alone a bike!! So why did I decide to take on such a challenge? Well yes I admit I was in the pub when the idea was first hatched but is that not where all great ideas are born? But I wanted to take on a challenge that would test my body and mind further than I had ever done in my life and see how I coped.

I also knew on the back of this challenge I would be able to raise money for my local hospice St Columba’s in Edinburgh. The hospice has a special place in my heart as a family member spent time in the hospice getting first class care before passing away.

You can find out about the great work they do on their website

Anyway I could write all day about it but I already have so have a look at the blog entries on the website.

So what’s the blog all about then?? Well its titled “Out the comfort zone” this is because not only do I plan to write about taking myself out of my comfort zone and taking on challenges that will once again test my mental and physical limits but I will keep you updated and amazed by a whole host of people out there taking themselves out their own comfort zones and taking on some truly inspiring challenges. I have listed below a few blogs and websites that I enjoy check them out and get inspired.


One thought on “An introduction”

  1. Hi Stuart,
    Scrumpy Dog cider is looking for outdoor/action loving people to be ‘ambassadors’ for our new brand of cider. All we’re asking is people share their best action shots/video clips on our facebook page and we will be awarding our favourites with 365 bottles of our delicious apple/pear cider and a Scrumpy Dog t-shirt.

    We’ve named our first ‘ambassador’ – but we want to find 19 more!

    Find out more here
    and on facebook

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