Treble12Challenge #1 – Press Up & Lie Down

Treble12Challenge #1 – Press Up & Lie Down

So here we are on new years day 2012 and the start of the ‘Treble12Challenge

The first challenge I have planned is 12 straight hours of press ups. I will complete this challenge in January as all going well I plan to complete each of the 12 hour challenges on a monthly basis.

Why do press ups? Well I want to do something that will challenge me and I think the most amount of press ups I have done in one sitting is about 20!!

Im not looking to break a record nor do I expect to be any good at it but just simply doing it to once again test my body and mind. I wonder how long it will take for me to start making excuses for stopping or resting, the smart money is on about 50…

But if records are your thing the link below will take you to the world of the press up


One name that stood out (for me anyway) was Paddy Doyle and boy does this lad hold some records

Wish me luck



One thought on “Treble12Challenge #1 – Press Up & Lie Down”

  1. hi stuart, i’m a freelance journalist in edinburgh and
    was going to do a wee piece on your 12 challenges
    for the national papers. all i need really is a couple of
    high res pics of yourself. i’ll need them for sunday morning.

    if interested, please send to:

    i’ll send you my number by email if you want to chat.

    cheers, and good luck,

    Alex Lawrie.

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