Treble12Challenge #4 – Double Trouble

Treble12Challenge #4 – Double Trouble

On Saturday 12th May Myself, Andy Milne & Ally Howie will be attempting to climb Ben Nevis twice back to back. The average time to ascend and descend Britain’s highest mountain is around 6 hours for someone of a relatively decent level of fitness, so as with all of these challenges we are looking at 12 hours to complete the double.

We will be taking the popular Mountain Track (pony track) as this is the simplest and most popular route up the beast.

This will be the first time I will have scaled Nevis and im looking forward to the challenge. I’m also sure this might be the start of some ‘Munro Bagging’ in the future.

A bit of history for you….The first recorded ascent of Ben Nevis was made on 17 August 1771 by James Robertson of Edinburgh. So here’s hoping another 3 men from Edinburgh can complete the climb just as successfully come saturday.

Here is the link to the summit webcam, have a peek on saturday we will be waving…

Wish me luck



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