Treble12Challenge #5 – The Run Around

Treble12Challenge #5 – The Run Around

On Saturday the 2nd of June myself and the Jog 4 Hampden team will be running around Edinburgh’s famous Arthur’s Seat for 12 hopefully sunny hours.

Im also excited and privelaged to say we will be joined in this 12 hour challenge by Martin Hookway (@TeamB_O_B)

Martin most recently took part in the ‘WORLD RECORD BREAKING’ RelayGB not only running in the event but providing invaluble help as part of the support crew

We are in no way looking to set any running records on the day itself, and I cant stress enough how laid back the whole day will be. And this is where you come in….

Already there are various people who have agreed to come along and run a a loop (its only 5K once around) or an hour of this challenge and I invite anyone who is keen to come along and run with us for as long (or short) as you like. The more the merrier.

Wish me luck



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