What you doing next Stuart?

What are you doing next? This is a question I often get asked (not that often but often enough) Mainly people say well you have done a cycle and you have done a run so surely a swim is next?!?! I can safely say I wont be doing any kind of swim anytime soon!!

Threipmuir Reservoir

But what do I have planned? well first of all I’m going to blog more that’s for sure and not be lazy and just copy and paste a video link. Don’t get me wrong its probably harder work filming, editing and producing a video than writing a blog entry but I’m not so sure its as rewarding for the reader, reader being the main word when it comes to a blog!

So what am I going to blog about? Well as always I have lots of plans for the year already and with a few others are in the midst of starting to plan some small, mid and larger scale events. All of these events will be based in Scotland, with perhaps a short visit to Ireland but mainly Scotland due to Scotland having everything the wannabee “Adventurer” could wish for.

For the start of the year I will be trying to gain whatever fitness I had at the end of the year, after spending the last 3 or 4 months celebrating completing the Jog4Hampden run. In spring along with fellow J4H runner Andrew Milne we are going to run the Speyside Way a 60-65 mile long distance route across Scotland in one long horrible day, with the sweetener being the day after and on our way home we visit all the distilleries we ran past en route :). The Speyside Way is 1 of the main 4 long distance routes across Scotland The other 3 routes are the West Highland Way, Great Glen Way and probably the lesser known but longest Southern Upland Way. As part of J4H we ran the WHW and the GGW so completing the Speyside Way will mean we have completed 3 of the 4 so naturally it is only right that the Southern Upland Way was also completed this year!

West Highland Way

The Southern Upland Way is Britain’s first official coast to coast long distance foot-path and is the longest of the 4 routes at a sickening 212 Miles (340km) and naturally will need a few days running to complete. The plan is to run around 50 miles a day for 4 days carrying the bare minimum on our backs with regards to food and clothing.

In the Summer there will be lots of time spent up Scotland’s Munro’s  on various day trips and weekend adventures as well as a few short weekend cycling trips with only a tent and a sense of freedom. Later in the Summer I’m currently (with a friend) at the start phase of planning a multi-country multi-discipline adventure that sounds very exciting but very hard and one I will need to train properly for and take seriously. And I’ll hopefully find out soon about “A little challenge” this is going to be put to me by another friend.

My intrigued face
My intrigued face

Overall at the moment (2 days in) its a busy year with potential for further challenges to be added to my already long list, but after last year I’m very conscious of not taking on to much and as I did in 2012 and risk overdoing it and ending up injured and without the time I needed to complete everything I had planned. As a result I decided to stop playing football at the end of last season for various reasons, but mainly to have the freedom to train when I want/can and free up my weekends. I also picked up a bad ankle injury due to a shocking tackle weeks before a big event that almost put 9 months planning in jeopardy.

So yes its going to be another exciting year already, and one that may see me row across a sea for the first time we will just have to wait and see…


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