Am I training hard enough?

I have always enjoyed training, whether this was football training or training for an upcoming endurance event I had planned. Before each event I always doubted that I had done enough training in the previous months in the lead up to the event! I would often try to recap what I had done and justify every last mile I had run or cycled and every poor gym session or swim thinking it was always better than doing nothing and that’s probably true but no matter what I always felt I could have done more.

I’m well aware that this is no doubt a common feeling for anyone in a similar position, whether just about to run a 5k, 10k, a marathon or in the case of Andrew Murray either running from Scotland to the Sahara or 7 ultra marathons in 7 days on 7 continents!!

However any doubts about the level of training I had done or not done would be forgotten about upon my triumphant return to Edinburgh after cycling from Athens in the summer of 2011. Nor would I have doubts about my level of training once completing a very hilly (equivalent of twice the height of Ben Nevis) 47 mile run around Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh after never running more than 13 miles before, And in the summer of 2012 giggling my way to the steps of Hampden Park after dribbling my way down 300 miles in 10 days from John O’Groats it was all too easy wasn’t it?

Well no of course it wasn’t easy but I’m proud of getting to the end of each challenge running and cycling through the pain/swelling/blisters. I like the fact that when the going got tough I got going! But could I have prevented some of the pain, had I trained hard enough?

They say “If you think you’re training hard enough…double it” and for 2013 this is my mantra. I will ask myself ‘am I training hard enough’


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