Where’s my medal?

North Berwick – Edinburgh

On Tuesday the 22nd January myself and Andrew Milne will run around 26 miles from North Berwick to Edinburgh on a training run in preparation for running the Speyside Way. This is going to be the first of 3-4 runs of this distance or more before we tackle the 60 mile Speyside Way in spring.

Now yes we will be running a marathon distance and of course we will be looking forward to Monday nights carbo loading, but alas upon our arrival in Edinburgh there will be NO crowd to cheer us on, NO sports drinks lining the route to keep us going, and of course we WONT get a medal for completing the distance. GOOD are my thoughts on all of the above. I have ran marathon distance a few times and almost a double marathon on one occasion (something I will do later in the year) but I have no intention of entering a organised event like the Edinburgh Marathon or the VLM. I can understand why people enjoy these events, the banter, the sense of being part of something special and the bond you make with a random stranger you meet en route, but for me nothing can compare to looking at a map plotting out a random route from A to B and running it.

We are not what I would call proper “runners” we are not running against the clock, we wont have a garmin strapped to our wrist analyzing each mile as we run. No you are more likely to see us stopping of for a quick coffee and cake and a chat about how long we have to the next cake stop.

I don’t run for glory I run for fun, and feel for me this is the only way I will ever want to run. I know I will be able to complete this run because mentally I am prepared and I know what to expect for each mile . Personally for me after 13 miles it all starts coming down to my mentality, that’s when I start to think ‘right lets stop doing this now and go home’  but it doesn’t get any worse for a while longer and by 18-21 miles there is no point stopping so you may as well keep going to the end and enjoy the run reward. On the flip side miles 0-5 for me are the worst this is when my body slowly starts to adjust to whats going on and finally accepts we are going for a long run. Miles 5-10 are probably my favorite miles, this is when I am in that comfort zone just cruising along not really thinking about running just enjoying it.

Anyway if your on the 8:27am train from Haymarket to North Berwick on Tuesday and see a couple of guys in shorts stuffing their faces….that will be us



2 thoughts on “Where’s my medal?”

    1. only one I have ever had, play football so very competitive in that so maybe don’t have that same love for running where I want to win or be the best as this is channeled into football

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