Assault on Arran

The Isle of Arran is sometimes described as Scotland in miniature, and at 874 m (2,866 ft) boasts Goat Fell, the beautiful and rugged Corbett and highest point of the island. With Arran being only 20 miles long myself Andy Sommerville and of course Andrew Milne felt that running the length of the island was easily achievable, maybe to easy…

So we decided to make the route roughly 30 miles long and include a trip up and down Goat Fell for good measure. As with any long distance run I have been involved with we haven’t planned much else and should get lost at least twice. Things we haven’t yet arranged are as follows

  • What time we are getting a ferry to and from Arran
  • Who’s car we are taking 
  • Are we going by car?
  • How many cake’s Andy Milne will need to eat before during and after the run
  • How are we getting back to the car at the end of the run
  • Where are we leaving the car
  • Did we agree on the cakes for Andy yet

The above list is non-exhaustive  

What I do know is this is going to be another great little adventure and provide another decent training run for next months Speyside Way hurtfest.


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