Summer Holiday

By May 2013 on top of various other small trips and adventures, I had already ran a slippy, hilly section of the Cateran Trail, a ‘Castle to Castle’ marathon, 35 miles up and over the beautiful Isle of Arran & 40 miles of the Speyside Way. And then I went on holiday. Not literally but from all adventures it seemed. This was not a conscious choice as I remember, but I think I was just enjoying the summer. Plus no one likes running when it’s hot!!

For many people the summer offers an escape, it offers that time to go on their own adventures. For me it was time to chill out and enjoy a few beers and a few naps in the sun. Plus I had nothing to train for. This was the main reason I could do nothing and not feel guilty; I had nothing to feel guilty about. I didn’t have to get up early and go for that cycle or go for that run and get those miles in. But I was getting up early and I was sort of training because I had become the latest idiot to be stuck in the middle of a Runstreak. A Runstreak I was somehow on since January the 3rd (I couldn’t face it on New Year’s Day or the day after). I started writing this on day 330 of said streak (I checked this 3 times as it didn’t seem right, I don’t count it daily but just check every now and then) scared at how quickly the year goes when you sort of count it down. Anyway once I get past the year mark I guess its only right I jot down my thoughts on running every single day of a year no matter what. I’ll be honest most of it will be about me not wanting to run or not enjoying running, but there will be some positive elements I’m sure of that, I just need to think really hard about what they are, or make things up.

So like me you’re thinking what is the point of this blog Stuart, what are you writing about, why are you writing this. The answer is the same I give to anyone who asks why I’m running each day…”I don’t know”…perhaps like the running I felt lazy for not writing anything for 6 months and felt it was time to write something down. After the summer I did go on a 4 day cycle around Scotland with my wife and more recently took a trip with a couple of friends to run some hills in Iceland, so perhaps I should write a couple of new blogs about these trips for posterity. Then I will have to write about the Runstreaking and I also have a new challenge planned in for the last Saturday of January that will be worth a little blog.

I really need to think of a better way to sign off at the end of each blog.

Oh did I mention I missed my wedding anniversary when I went running in Iceland…



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