The 1 year #RunStreak review

Well I done it, I ran everyday for 365 consecutive days! The 1 year RunStreak is in the bag. Is it a big deal? Not really, it’s just part of my daily life now. I’m currently writing this blog and don’t actually know what day of the streak I’m on, I’ve stopped counting but I’m still running.

I can’t now remember the main reason why I started the streak, I guess it was to try and become a bit fitter for some challenges I had coming up in 2013, the bulk of these being running challenges.  I also felt I had been a bit lazy in preparation for previous events and suffered for the lack of training. I also wanted to be stronger so as not to get injured as I was looking forward to the year ahead and didn’t want to miss out on anything I had already planned.

At first I guess it was quite exciting doing a week, a month, 2 months, closing in on 100 days and all the milestones like that. It still was sort of like that right up till the big 365. But it was also the additional training that I enjoyed and could feel the benefit. However many of the runs were boring, repetitive and forced. As you know over the course of a year there are many many things that go on that make it easy to make an excuse to not go for a run, but I believe anyone no matter the circumstances can get out for a mile or 2 every day without fail. Also you don’t need to have all the fancy gear, on a few occasions due to circumstance I ran home from work in a work shirt, trousers and my trainers!

Instead of going on and on about the year, I think I will list a small selection of pros and cons of my RunStreak experience


  • Increased millage – You will instantly increase your weekly mileage
  • Alcohol intake – With a morning run planned you may not have that 2nd, 3rd or 4th drink. Or in my case not even bother at all
  • Discipline – You will become more disciplined in many aspects of what you eat and drink with the constant thought of a run the next day.
  • Costs nothing but your time
  • You will get quicker & fitter without even really trying
  • It’s a cool thing to do I guess, running daily for a year
  • You find amazing new off road places to run
  • You learn how calming running alone can be
  • You listen to lots of new music


  • Running around the same places day in day out is very boring
  • You have to run everyday!
  • Fitting in a run if you have a busy day and night can be tough but not impossible
  • Running with a hangover
  • Running when you are ill
  • Having loads and loads of running gear to wash, constantly
  • Buying new runners as you will wear your new ones out quickly (depending on mileage) – This is also a pro, everyone loves new trainers
  • It gets boring
  • Really boring

One thought on “The 1 year #RunStreak review”

  1. I ran everyday too and I agree with your assement. You can now join this group and get a permanent mention for running 365 when your streak is retired… PS. I have yet to join in my self but I follow the FB group where like-minded people converge.

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