Parthenon 2 Parthenon Remake

Back in 2011 I edited my first video with free software, it was rubbish!! In fact it was 4 videos and looking back I’m not sure what I edited out as all in it was almost 2 hours of what seemed like me talking a load of rubbish.

3 years later I have edited a few more homemade adventure videos and got some half decent editing software, however the problem is I’m still not very good at the editing part. I am far to impatient and want it completed as quickly as possible.

I feel like I have spent far to long editing this footage over the years and like most things you spend to long editing, I feel a certain sense of detachment from the content. I hope this will serve as a nice reminder of a fantastic couple of months spend having the time of my life with my best mate.

Watch the video HERE


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