This year-long challenge started with 12 painful hours mainly lying face down on a relatively comfortable carpet. The idea was to do things that are not the norm so 12 hours of press ups sounded like a horrible horrible idea but one that would test out some of the mental toughness I may or may not of had. With the solo challenges I would be alone with no real end point bar the 12 hours limit and I could quit whenever I wanted!!

I had lots of ideas for challenges some quite stupid and some rather ridiculous but all achievable. However I wanted to get more people involved in these challenges and this would result in more extreme and larger scale events than I had initially planned as part of my initial remit. With a 300 mile run across Scotland in the planning for later in the year these challenges would be small-scale with limited planning meaning I could focus and train for the larger challenge in the Autumn, this however wasn’t to be the case.

The first of the larger scale events for a few different reason was a 47 mile run around Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. This would be special for the inclusion of a man I only knew of via the wonder world of Twitter. His name was Martin Hookway and here is his fantastic story 

​The second and probably my favorite of all the challenges of the year was a double summit of Ben Nevis. This was the first time I have attempted to climb Nevis so why not do it twice!! After our fear at realizing how close to the edge of the north face we were during a whiteout the best parts of this story happened after the beer and rum that was consumed upon completion and will stay with the people involved only…well and the campsite security!

​The final and probably the most anticipated yet ill-fated of all the challenges was the 12 hour coast 2 coast mountain bike challenge. This challenge would be myself recent Celtman Extreme Triathlon winner and top class mountain bike guide Alex Glasgow and all round adventure junkie, BBC broadcaster and documentary filmmaker ​Mark Beaumont. Going into this challenge I was less than confident due to a recent and potentially serious injury sustained playing football. However this type of challenge was one I didn’t want to miss out on even though I had been unable training in the weeks before.

The scale of this challenge sunk in with everyone the night before and would prove to be more extreme than anyone had anticipated taking just under 17 hours to complete!! In the end the terrain and task ahead was too much for my ankle injury and I would end up as part of the support crew. You can read Mark’s thoughts on this incredible challenge HERE

Below are a selection of T12 videos to enjoy


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