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Why do you do it?

Why are you doing that? Why did you going to run 12 hours around Arthur’s seat? Why are you going to dribble a ball 300 miles? Why are you going to run the Speyside Way in one day? Why are you running everyday? Why?

No idea!! but maybe this is sort of the reason, I’m not sure. Is anyone really sure? Why do you do it?

After watching this maybe the question is why DON’T you do it……


Force of habit

For the past couple of months I have been running to and from work (as well as many many laps of Arthur’s Seat). I have been doing this for various reasons, the first being simply to get to work and keep fit, but also in preparation for a lot of running next year. Another reason is I had just spent 2 months on a bike and lost a lot of my fitness and endurance levels, yes I could cycle all day but coming back into pre season training proved I could hardly run for more than 30 minutes! And lastly I look cool as fuck arriving at work all sweaty and fit….

Anyway what’s the point I hear you ask? Well, my point is this….Recently I injured my left foot running, nothing serious but enough to know from experience that it would be best to not run for a few days and let it fully heal as opposed to continuing to run and cause myself more pain and damage. So on a cold and wet thursday morning I sat upstairs on a warm bus and enjoyed the 45 minutes bus journey to work (I can run it in 25 minutes) I even read some of the metro and sent a few tweets, kicking back almost nodding off due to only 6 hours sleep and the lovely warmth of the bus and the slow rocking motion as we stopped every 2 minutes at lights or road works or the new tram lines being laid etc etc…..What a lovely way to start the day isn’t it?

NO I hated every minute of it wishing I could get off into the cold, wind and rain and run the rest of the journey!

I started thinking later that night why I hated the bus journey so much and wanted to run instead. Maybe I knew I could get there quicker? Maybe I felt lazy? I used to love getting the bus a while ago, used to love being all warm and relaxing before I got to work so what changed?

Well, I can’t say for sure and I can’t speak for everyone but I think we are all creatures of habit and I had just got into the habit of running to work the same way I brush my teeth every night right before bed without thinking why I do it. Yes, I know its good for my teeth and will prevent gum disease and all sorts of things just like running and keeping fit will do all sorts of good things for me and my body but I don’t think about all these things when I wake up tie my laces and start running, I ‘just do it ‘

Habits are simply routines that we repeat regularly and more often than not occur subconsciously. They can also be extremely hard to break. So if you’re in the habit of getting on that bus every morning, try your best to break this habit and start getting into the habit of cycling, walking, or running to work it will change your life, or maybe just that first 30 minutes of your day.